Paeonia coriacea

Español: Peonía - Rosa maldita - Rosa de monte

Family: Paeoniaceae - Peony family
Flowering time: late April-June
Height: 40-60cm
Altitude: 1000-1800m
Colour: rose-pink
Flower: 10-15cm, usually 2 seed heads
Leaves: leaves 2-ternate, dull green, rather leathery, with 9-14 broad-elliptical leaflets
Habitat: rocky, bushy places, woodlands
Distribution: southern Spain and northern Africa

Notes: In the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain two types of Peony commonly grow together: Paeonia broteroi and Paeonia coriacea. The fruit of Paeonia coriacea is formed in two glabrous follicles. The leaves of Paeonia coriacea are dull green and the stems are paler compared to Paeonia broteroi. Paeonia coriacea generally has 9-14 broad-elliptical leaflets.

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